Series 816 High Performance Gas Chromatograph

Versatile • Reliable • Dependable

Our Series GM 816 High Performance GC is a system that will take you to the next level of applicated GC performance. Readily adaptable, the GM 816 is an essential tool for research and quality control in a broad range of industries and specialty applications.

  • Custom engineered to fit industry-specific applications
  • Triple detector capability (one must be a TCD)
  • Corrosion resistant flow systems (optional)
  • Supports 10 columns/8 automated valves in single application
  • Programming ramps/plateaus: 20/21; negative ramps allowed
  • Softkey keypad with four line alphanumeric display
  • Six ramp oven temperature programming control
  • Contact-sensitive on-line HELP
  • Full EPC for all inlets & detectors
  • Up to six EPC modules installed, controlling of up to 16 channels of EPC
  • Atmospheric pressure & temperature compensation
  • Independent heated zones (not including oven): 2 inlets, 2 detectors, 2 auxiliary)
  • Clock-time programming initiates events (on/off, method start, etc) at future date & time; Eco-friendly Sleep/Wake Mode
  • 550 timed events
  • Four 24 V valve drivers
  • Two 24 V low power relays
  • Two 48 V contacts for external event control
  • Power failure memory protection
  • Data Communications: LAN, dual channel analog output (1 mV, 1 V, 10 V), remote start/stop, storage of 10 methods, serial port interface for remote advisor or optional bar code reader, remote diagnostic communication
  • Integrated early maintenance counters
  • Compatible with any data management system
  • Power: 120-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Series 816 GC

Series 816 Gas Chromatograph

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