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Our custom configured gas analyzers and complete gas systems have been providing solutions for a wide range of applications since 1935. We continue to partner with the compressed gas industry in working to address the requirements of quality assurance while also working to maintain overall laboratory throughput. All of our instruments are fully engineered systems that are industry proven, rugged workhorses, and easy to use. Our skilled team of engineers works very closely with you to ensure that the gas analysis instruments we design for you will be the most efficient solutions for your specific application.

Contact our Sales Department by calling (610) 954-9000 or Request a Call Back so we may begin discussing your particular application and custom develop a solution for you.

  Corrosive Gases
  Industrial Gases
  Medical Gases
  Metal Industry
  Moisture Analysis in Corrosive Streams
  Natural Gases
  Oil and Petrochemical
  Specialty & Electronic Gases
  Flavors & Fragrances